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Uttaradhikar (The Inheritance) is a reality TV programme broadcast on Channel i in Bangladesh. The reality show is about a group of celebrities who lock themselves up in a Zamindar Bari (Landlord Palace), and undergoes tasks, games and challenges to clinch the title of "Uttaradhikar" ("Inheritor"). Ten celebrities compete to win the inheritance of the 100-year old Zamindar Palace. The winner is awarded a big cash prize. Nokia is the official sponsor of this show. According to the television series, the story of Uttaradhikar starts in a century-old Zamindar palace, built by the great grandfather of the last landlord who lived here. According to legend, the landlord was so fair in his ways of administration and such was the prosperity in his time that news of his Golden Era spread to many places. One day, he silently passed away, leaving no children behind to inherit his property and wealth. His spirit roamed around in the lonely corridors and dark rooms of the Zamindar palace, in search of the elusive person who can be trusted to inherit his palace. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kalbela is a document of a politically unrest period of Bengal. Having seen it from the close quarter I find the movie really great of depicting the right scenario. the director has done a good job by introducing the poet charecter in the movie to express the Bengali sentiment to the fullest. I appreciate the film very much to be one of the best of goutam ghosh to be remembered by us. – Mrs. Chandra Banerjee.

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